Continuum 2023-2024

Kitty North

Continuum is at Salts Mill (Gallery 2) until 14th April 2024

Continuum displays artworks which are inspired by the rural Yorkshire landscape in which Kitty lives and works. She creates a world of swirling skies and shining suns, up hill and down dale.

The artist says: “There’s a very clear start and end to certain images; a response to a particular place, day, moment in nature, capturing the changing weather and seasons. But with these huge oil paintings, it’s completely different. They have a real weight. When I stand back and look at them I can feel the two decades it has taken to create them: building the layers of paint, experiencing the passage of time.”

Step into a world of magical landscapes and share Kitty’s love for the land with this exhibition at Salts Mill. 

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